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Stupidest Things You Can buy

Stupidest Things You Can buy
The Internet is where terrible people meet to exchange terrible ideas, terrible pictures,
terrible stories, and terrible products.
Some products there are useful and practical, but its greasy underbelly filled with the
dregs of consumer culture.
Let's see what we can dig up.
This robot is a giant “screw you” to all the useful things out there you can spend
your hard-earned cash on.
But its pointlessness, like such of the letter “g” in lasagna, kind of makes me love
If you are feeling down, its silly dancing moves will cheer you up.
A few turns of the knob located in the buttocks area will get it going for some time.
Just look at it go.
To this day, you have lived your life as a lowest rung of society.
But until acquiring this toy - no, not toy - this life-altering device, you will find
you appreciating life for what it is: an open field.
This is not a mere coin bank, it is an extremely effective and innovative anti-depressant medicine.
And while it is not a good idea to feed copper coins to your dog, this one will be happy
to munch on them.
Fidget spinners are believed to be the cancer of the consumerism.
They have overtaken the world populated by energy drink-guzzling dabbing vapers on hoverboards.
But I couldn’t comprehend how cringy they were till I saw this one.
At first I thought that Harry Potter has missed a horcrux.
A piece of Voldemort’s soul lies within it.
And only the bottles that are opened with it can heal the emotional pain one may later
feel from buying such a thing.
This definitely not trademarked and totally original character of a human with extraordinary
climbing abilities akin to an insect, who, judging by the colors, is most likely a poorly
dressed eastern european spider.
You may be wondering, so what exactly makes this toy so great.
Well, without the need for any grappling hooks, it can break dance on the vertical surface
while defying the laws of gravity.
It swings unseen like a real ninja, leaving only rhythmic clacking noises behind.
I want to continue this list by thanking whoever came up with the design for this truly remarkable
Nicolas Cage sweatshirt.
Finally, I can step outside with confidence that strangers will not be talking to me.
At last I will finally be able to go on with my life without the hardship of having poor
social skills.
Fun fact: this sweatshirt won more Oscars than The Wicker Man
If you have a gambling problem, alas - suffer no more!
This mini slot machine will help you control your addiction and fight the sudden urges.
No more sneaking out and spending all your lunch money during the coffee breaks or the
casino tokens: you can get the same adrenaline rush by carrying this thing around in your
If you need a bit of a stress relieve, look into getting this giant ‘Enter” key button.
Yes, it actually can work as an Enter button.
It is unclear how hard you need to press it for it to work, and whether it will lead to
even higher levels of stress, but when you are tired from hitting that, you can take
a nap on it.
Comes as a plug and play device.
All my life I spent rehabilitating used pencils by planting and watering them, and I was experiencing
deep grief over them not growing, until these came into my life.
When they sprouted, I thought “that’s it, no more from this dispensary”, but then
I looked at the packaging and everything became clear.
These pencils are said to have specific seeds in them, and once you are done using them,
you can plant them and take care of them, and after some time you can pick the fruit
of your labour.
Ears sticker notes are pretty useless as stickers in terms of how little information you can
put on them, but they will help you turn any book or notebook into an animal of your choice,
which will not trigger allergies or require you to take it on walks or clean up after
The listing has several different kinds of ears available.
If you want to give your cat yet another reason to want to murder you, you can try this bushy
and extremely real-looking pet mane.
Come October, if your pet is too thin to wear it, get an easy feeder and fill it with healthy
nutritious snacks like Twinkies.
If you own a dog, not to worry: it can fit him as well.
Or if you have an elderly balding lion, the mane will be perfect for him as well.
When my shipment of plush salmon pillows finally arrived, I was just preparing my plate for
a sizeable portion of fresh maki rolls.
Unfortunately, I was discontented to find out that this is merely a farmed variety of
salmon that was force-fed with genetically modified plush, unlike the genuine oceanic
wild salmon on a healthy diet natural cotton 2-mile farm to table diet that I was hoping
Still, not a bad product, that reminds me of my good old days as an inuit fisherman.
Have you ever had a severe case case of the itchy back?
Coming from the wise maestro, Peter Griffin himself, this thing will help your mom finally
reach that sweet spot that hasn’t seen the light of sun for the last couple dozen of
Just like a classic selfie stick, it has an extending telescopic pole to reach even the
darkest areas.
Please note that this Daddle, or daddy saddle, is Western style, and will not be appropriate
for those who trained in the traditional British father riding methodic.
If you are looking to go father fox hunting, father polo, or father jumping, you will not
be able to use this saddle.
And just because I know what you are thinking, I find it important to note, that no amount
of duct tape is going to be able to keep your cat attached to the saddle while it is on
your back.
Recently I have been entertaining myself with selling my organs on the black market, and
I have been having troubles finding a buyer for my lips, because unlike Monica Lewinski’s
in 1995, mine are tightly sealed in the shape of a short piece of the fishing line.
But when I found this lip enhancer, I can finally sell them too, pay my rent, and start
practicing black magic so I can grow them back.
Seriously though, it looks like it is meant as a serious purchase, and there are people
who swear by its results.
I don’t think these need any further explanation, seeing that these are Pepe jogging pants.
Owning one of those can mean one of the two things: either that the pinnacle of your social
life is an online match of Tanks, or that neither of the shirts you own have sleeves.
If it is the second, you might want to check if she is your first cousin.
Ave Pepe!
You were my favourite dank meme, and I won’t ever forget you.

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