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Look slimmer right away with these 10 tricks.

Look slimmer right away with these 10 tricks.
Today, I'm sharing 10 tips, 10 style tricks
to help you look instantly slimmer, and they all work.
Before I dive into those 10 tips, I wanna say
that there is no reason why any of us
need to look slimmer.
Own your body, own your curvy body, own your curves.
All of that is beautiful, every size is beautiful,
every type is beautiful.
I am merely offering suggestions
so that if you are interested in one day
trying to look a little slimmer or a little taller,
these tips can really make a difference
if that's what you want.
And I'm doing some before and afters,
but all of the clothes that you will see are my clothes.
I wear them all, so there's nothing wrong with the before.
I'm just trying to show you an example of a before
and and after so you can see well jeez,
if it makes an impact with me,
it's definitely gonna make an impact with you
regardless of what size you are.
I'm a five foot, four inch woman.
I'm a petite woman, and I'm 115 pounds.
So, I'm not overweight, I'm not a big person.
I'm a slim person.
I don't have any reason or need to look slimmer,
but I wanted to show you these tricks
so that you can use them if you want to,
if you feel you need to,
if it makes you feel more confident because my goal,
again, is to help you look good and feel good.
So, that's enough rambling, enough disclaimers.
The first way and probably one of the most powerful ways
that you can look slimmer instantly
is to wear dark wash jeans.
Here's an example of me wearing a lighter wash jeans,
which again, I love, I have them, I own them,
but the light wash jeans don't make you
look quite as slim and tall a the dark wash jeans.
So, if that is the goal, definitely go
with the dark wash jean,
and the darker, the better,
and also, the less whiskering,
fading, and distressing, the better.
That will elongate you even more.
The second way to dress yourself slimmer
is to wear high-rise jeans.
I wanna show you an example of me wearing
a lower rise jean.
They're really between a low and a mid
and a high-rise jean.
So, you can see with the lower rise jean
that even though I don't have much of a tummy,
there's a little bit of skin that hangs over,
and so what that creates is if you're wearing something
fitted it created a little bit of bulk
and a lump around the waistband.
So, it's not smooth.
If you're going to wear something fitted on the top,
I highly recommend wearing something
with a higher rise 'cause that will make everything
look neater, and tighter,
and no lumps and bumps will show.
It's smoother, and it's just gonna make you
feel more secure 'cause it's all
sucked in there, you know what I mean?
So, even if you don't have a tummy
you could be like me with all that loose baby skin
and a tiny tummy, it just looks neater and smoother
on your clothes.
And just personally, I feel so much better
with a higher rise jean.
So, when you're looking at jeans and you're like,
well, which jean has a high rise?
'Cause it doesn't always say.
Sometimes you can delineate by high rise,
but what I look for is at least
a nine-inch inseam and nine-inch rise.
That's high rise.
Anything from nine to 10, 10 and a half, super high.
Good, belly button high.
(laughing) That's what you want.
My next tip is to cinch it!
By cinching it, I mean accentuating your waist.
When you wear something that is all over volume
like this dress, it's a really pretty dress.
It just isn't that flattering.
It just sorta swims on me, it doesn't look great,
it sorta hangs.
I can see this looking really cool on the beach
with flat sandals, and your hair is back,
just really easy breezy, but if I really wanna look slimmer
and create more of that hourglass shape
that we all covet and want, adding a belt is something
really simple that I can do to cinch that dress.
Take in some of that fabric,
highlight a tinier part of my body,
and make it so much more flattering,
figure flattering, and slimming.
And it's just a belt.
It's so simple!
Next, I wanna talk about the power of the flare jeans,
the wide-leg jeans, the fit and flare jeans,
whatever you wanna call them.
They will make you look like you are five inches taller,
and you're longer, and you're slimmer.
They are a magic trick basically,
visual magic trick.
I love them and I know that we've been
in the skinny zone with jeans for a long time.
Flares, wide legs are definitely making a comeback.
I'm seeing them more and more.
I think it's a slow build, but it's there.
So, if you wanna wear them, have at it.
Very modern and very figure flattering,
very elongating, very slimming.
So, here is a pair by Veronica Beard that I'm wearing
that I absolutely am in love with.
I think they are so gorgeous and so flattering.
But you an see the difference between that long,
wide leg, fit and flare jean
versus just a regular skinny jean.
It definitely makes a big impact in terms
of making your legs look so much longer.
And when you throw on a wedge under those flare jeans,
wow, legs for days.
So, if you wanna create that long,
lean, slim, trim look, definitely a fit and flare jean
is your friend for sure.
The next trick to help you look slimmer,
longer, taller is to wear heels.
This is like ooh, whoa, no brainer, right?
But it's one of those things that's worth repeating,
and I'm gonna show you how dramatic it really can be.
So, here's an example of me on one side
wearing just a really cute pointed-toe flat.
There's nothing wrong with these shoes, they're adorable.
And then on the other side, a pointed toe, black pump.
I look much longer and taller
with the pointed toe, black pump instead of the flat.
I feel like that effect is exaggerated even more
when you wear skirts and dresses.
Along those lines, another tip I wanted to share
with you guys is to wear pointed-toe shoes.
The pointed toe, the shape of that toe,
creates the illusion of more length,
taller, longer, slimmer.
And then when you pair that with a similar
color tone pant or a similar color tone skirt, dress,
you're gonna look incredibly tall, and long, and slim.
So, don't forget about the power not only of heels,
but of the pointed-toe pumps
and the pointed-toe heels.
The next tip I wanna share with you guys is about prints.
Wear solid colors.
If you want to look slim and trim or slimmer and trimmer,
wear solid colors instead of prints.
Of course we're gonna wear prints.
I love prints, but where you place prints
is very important.
So, if you are trying to make your lower body look slimmer,
do not put a print on your lower body.
Put something solid.
So, here's an example of me wearing a printed skirt.
It's a polka dot skirt, red and white,
super cute, but that's gonna make my lower body look bigger
and call more attention to that area.
So, if that is the goal, then do the print.
If that is not the goal,
you wanna look slimmer on your lower half,
then do a solid.
If you really wanna go all out,
you an do all one color from head to toe.
The beautiful thing is any color from head to toe
is going to be elongating and slimming.
Darker colors are going to have more of a slimming effect
because they're darker.
So, colors like black like this suit,
navy, burgundies, browns,
anything that's dark, charcoal gray,
those are all gonna be more slimming
than let's say, whites and pastels.
But those solid colors from head to toe
still have that elongating and slimming effect.
So, you can do a beautiful beige from head to toe
or a beautiful white from head to toe,
and that will create still a long, lean effect.
The next tip I wanna share is to wear a V-neck
like the one I'm wearing now versus a crew neck.
So, crew neck is something that usually falls
to about right here, about your collarbone,
and it's just a very small half-circle here.
It's a beautiful neckline,
but what happens is it's not quite as elongating
on that upper body,
and it's especially problematic
from you're particularly busty.
It will make you look even bustier.
So, if the goal is to minimize and to look slimmer
and elongate, then definitely do a V-neck line.
It will for sure elongate that upper body,
minimize that bust, and make you look longer and leaner.
the next tip I wanna share that will help you look slimmer
is to wear vertical stripes, pinstripes.
The reason vertical stripes work
is because there are lines this way,
and it creates that long, lean line.
So, it's a really cool menswear-inspired print.
It also makes you look longer and taller,
so it's a win-win for sure.
Here is an example of a pair of pinstripe, wide-leg pants,
very elongating, very slimming.
They also have that high waist and that high rise.
So, when you're thinking about really creating
that super long, lean line, you could do a pinstripe pant,
you could do a pinstripe suit.
You could even do a stripe down the side of your jeans
which are really popular and hot right now.
That often creates a visual illusion
of less inches on your leg.
It sort of cheats in the leg a little bit
and that is very flattering, too.
So, if you don't wanna go pinstripes,
you could try just those racing stripes
down the side of your jeans.
That has a very similar effect.
The last tip I wanna share with you guys
is to wear long necklaces and just generally
be strategic with your jewelry.
The long necklace, the pendant necklace,
has the power to elongate just like a V-neck line does.
It's a really simple, easy way
to just add some length to your body
and add that slimming effect.
It's really quick and simple.
Some of you may have some issues
with the long necklace.
If you're particularly busty, you don't want it
to look like they're just hanging off the shelf,
but if you don't have that issue,
I do think that's a great look.
And it is, again, just a very simple way
to create that long, lean torso.
And then other things to think about with your jewelry
is wherever you place it is where the eye is going to go.
So, if you wanna draw the eye, let's say, up here
toward your face and chest, then do place something
right here, sort of a collar necklace here
or a really pretty pair of drop earrings here.
That's going to call attention to your face
and to this area that you wanna draw the attention to.
And as per usual, I have some bonus tips for you guys.
So, if you're worried about a puffy face
or a round face, you can always do contouring,
especially here, along the cheekbone.
You do the fishy face, and then you contour here,
contour around here.
You can contour the nose
and then you can contour the jawline.
That will make a rounder face look more chiseled
and look more slim, especially here along the jawline.
That's if you've got a little bit of a double chin,
you can do that, just some contouring here and here.
So, that's a quick and simple thing you can do
just to create that illusion of being a bit slimmer.
Also, I would highly recommend trying a bra
that banishes back fat
like the Soma Vanishing Back Bra.
It really works.
I have one, I've tried it, I've reviewed it on the blog.
I'll put a link to it below.
It has a different back to it,
and the way that it falls, it does not catch the skin
or the fat on your back.
So, it just keeps everything nice and smooth in the back.
So, I think that's a great investment
and it's a nice bra to have.
The last thing I just wanna talk about is shapewear.
Of course, we've got that at our disposal,
so why not use it?
I really prefer to do a shapewear skirt
or an Underbust Spanx shorts
or the Underbust Spanx.
I think both are awesome.
The benefit of the skirt
is that you don't have to worry
about the bathroom situation,
but you could also do a tank with tummy control,
any kind of shapewear that you wanna use,
especially if you're wearing something
very clingy and fitted.
It's really nice to smooth out those lumps and bumps,
and again, just look like you've lost 10 pounds,
five to 10 pounds, and you've done nothing,
no diet or exercise.
You just have on your Spanx, and man,
if you gotta double down, double down.
I have done that before where I've doubled down on Spanx
or I've done a tummy control tank
and also, a high-waist tummy control brief,
whatever you need to do.
You gotta do what you gotta do,
but I just wanted to remind you of those tips as well
because they're ones that I think are worth repeating,
and they're important.
And those are great tools to have in your toolbox.
So, I'm making sure that you have the shapewear you need
so that when you have that situation
of wearing a tighter dress, you're prepared, you're ready.
Throw that shapewear on and you're super confident
walking out the door.
Okay, guys.
So, those are your 10 tips to help you
instantly look slimmer, no diet or exercise required.
Again, these tips are just suggestions.
I am by no means saying that you need
to look slimmer and taller.
It's just if you would like to look slimmer and taller.
Here are some tried and true tips and tricks that work
across the board, regardless of your size,
regardless of your height, regardless of your body type.

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