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Every Viral Product is it Worth

Every Viral Product is it Worth
today we are doing an in-depth review of
Pop Flex was created by Cassie Ho and it is
a 70 water bottle oh yeah
hi everyone so today we are doing a very
exciting blog and when I say exciting
blog I mean serious blog I'm wearing a
business shirt today we're doing an
in-depth review of Pop Flex created by
Cassie ho I tried a couple of products from
pop flex .....

to what I'm experiencing like there's a
lot of claims like anti-camel toe not
see-through when you do squats waist
cinching butt lifting I mean there's so
many claims for this activewear so I
want to see what is in these viral
the blog is real and true in real life
I'm gonna be a ruthless reviewer okay
some of the most popular ones don't seem
to be talking about a product I mean I'm
obviously intrigued by this human
windmill I'm just gonna watch that
quickly unrelated
oh my gosh she's killing it hold on oh
my gosh
I designed the most romantic workout
skirt 26 million views on this I used a
circle skirt pattern for volume and
instead of using a traditional hard mesh
I use a stretchy mesh remover and added a
drawstring the waistband to give it more
of a performance-wear look and then of
course Pockets because I didn't you'd
kill me so 87 is pretty pricey for a
the skirt I will say athletic clothing tends
to be more pricey like okay here's a Lou
The lemon skirt it's on sale but it was
originally 88 so super comparable I
think I'll just get the black one okay I
tried to design the perfect legging 21
million views on this I
I added a v-shape but seemed to really
lift your booty took out the elastic so
that it doesn't pinch you added a
crossover waistband to give you an
hourglass effect and used high quality
dense and stretchy fabric so that your
underwear doesn't show through when you
squat yeah see I have these ones and I
really really like them the fabric is
like no other to be honest since I
already have the boot cut in Black I'll
just try these in the Navy the 25 27 29 31
okay just wait one second we can't talk
about all of this expensive clothing
without giving a second option so I
feel like this is the perfect time to
introduce today's sponsor there dup so I
want to say a huge thank you to Thredup
for sponsoring this blog if you guys
have been watching me for a while you
know I am literally obsessed with
shopping on Thredup it's an online
thrift stores there are constantly New
pieces coming in it's affordable it's
cute and it is great for the environment
so let me get out of this Bland
non-thread up shirt and into something a
little cuter all right much better now
if you've been watching this blog thus
far and you're feeling like some of
these pieces are out of your budget fear
not because Threadup has so many
affordable and cute pieces and shopping
has never been easier with their new
feature if you're anything like me and
you have trouble putting on an outfit
together the thrift-the-look feature is
so help other people who are more
stylish will put outfits together and
then you can just click on the pieces
and it will take you to similar items
that you can buy and maybe if you like
my Style and what I've been shopping for
you can click my link and see the items
I've purchased and when you click them
it will take you to similar items in
your size if you've inputted your exact
sizes like seriously it's thrifting but
in the best way possible especially
because you don't even have to leave
your house I said that great show you
some of the stuff that I picked up most
recently here we have look number one
literally head-to-toe bag shoes
everything is from thredup I have never
had a low waisted mini skirt before I'm
living the estimated retail of this
the skirt is 53 and I got it for 18. that's
like more than 50 off and it fits like a
glove let me show you another Can
someone says we love denim skirts oh my
gosh like this skirt is so comfortable
and this top is so soft I feel like
you can even tell how soft it is just
based on the camera and these little
Pearl buttons are okay but I have a jumpsuit
that I have to show you
I mean what a find this is originally
from Asos, the estimated retail was 51
and I got it for 26. I am the picnic
blanket look at this listen all I gotta
say to you is pink gingham and new with
tags if I've enticed you at all to check
out there dup make sure to shop my picks
Use my link down below and use the code
Mia maples35 okay thread up is amazing
and they up my code from 35 of your
first order to 40 off your first order
so use code Mia maples40. now
unfortunately, I must get out of this
cute pink gingham dress and we will get
back into the blog okay let's see why I
designed my own high ponytail cap 21
million views 21 million views on a hat
blog are people that excited about hats
I really like to wear my hair in a high
ponytail but okay I'm not gonna lie even
when I had long hair I didn't wear my
hair in a high ponytail because it would
give me a headache so I don't personally
have this issue but we'll see so I
decided to take matters into my own
hands and design my very own high
ponytail cap I like how she just like
has a problem when she's working out and
then she's like I'll just design a
product about it and hope for the best
and then 21 million people are like
actually yeah we have that problem too
this is the black one with the heart I
don't see any of the other colors so
maybe they're all out of stock right now
but I'll just try this black one how I
designed the ultimate water bottle 16
a million views wow most bottles come with
a black cap I just don't think it's that
pretty and you can see how to clean your
drinking straw and your water is seen I
don't have an issue with how the black
calf looks but I will say the build-up
in the water bottle is alarming so I can
understand wanting it to be clear I hope
you love the designs you guys let's stay
hydrated oh this one comes with a free
bag that's kind of fun I think my
favorite thing about it is being able to
see how dirty the mouthpiece is because
that's a bacteria trap that I'm not
interested in over 10 000 people asking for
this is the bag that went viral the bag is
neoprene which makes it waterproof and
on the front instead of a bow you have a
zip pocket and you also have an easy
access pocket in the back
apartment that is
also, waterproof 281 dollars so it's a
the pricey bag I can imagine though that the
cost of making these is quite High also
it holds the big water bottle like it's
well thought but okay Magic Flash excuse
me we're getting this one, uh you want
thick I'll give you sick
I have a yoga mat and it is like this
thick so I'm one of those people that
was like can it be cushier can you be
cushier why does it have to be so
thin that is really pretty I designed
the perfect zipper bra sweaty post
workout all right zipper brows have
It always kind of scared me a little bit
like they're gonna unzip and fly open
but 14 million people were like yeah
okay zipper is great and all but it's
not great when it just pops open on you
that was my immediate thought super bras
fly open so it's 75 dollars I'm gonna
get it in an extra small I guess because
there's no small available that's okay
uh I sacrificed my foot for this blog
happens to me at least
at least several times
you see these bungee cord things you can
actually use them just because I like that out
of your hoodie and it'll stay up we also
have voluptuous sleeves I gotta drop
shoulder a Batwing shape to give you
that baggy yet slipping look I mean you
guys what do you think all right I do
love that it can be cropped to that
the point I guess I'll get it in a medium
why does this scrunchie blog have 13
a million views so you know how sometimes
you just don't have a pocket what if
your scrunchie had one oh yeah and it
has a removable bow because options oh
my gosh I love scrunchies so much I'm so
excited to try to fit like a tube of
chapstick oh hey that's what they're
doing in the photo okay I'm gonna get it
in this Dusty blue color, I think it's
cute I'm excited to see the pocket to
try let's do one last one and it is the
sweatpants I'm the self-proclaimed
sweatpant queen and I want to know
what's Cassie doing with these
honestly not offensive
a rollover so you can control the
height of your pants so fix the saggy
butt issue I added two angled Pockets to
give you a booty lifting and shaping
it's nothing too tight or too pouchy I
just I think the back looks a lot better
like having some Pockets there like that
pouching those might be the most
expensive sweatpants I've ever bought so
I have high hopes for them so I'll talk
to you when it gets here
okay so it has been a few weeks the
The entire order came I think it's all in
here I actually didn't open it and now
that I'm doing this I probably should
have just to make sure but oh my gosh I
forgot how many pieces there are is that
a free sticker oh
I'm joking I forgot about the yoga mat
okay so it's the pirouette skirt the
things to note about this is It's
supposed to be a very beautiful romantic
skirt its soft mesh the drawstring is
supposed to cinch the waist and it's
supposed to have a perfect twirl with
the shorts underneath the shorts
underneath an absolute must-have any
an athletic brand that's doing a skirt that
doesn't have shorts underneath
have you ever played a sport originally
when I was shopping for this I thought
that I probably wasn't the target
audience to work out in a skirt because
I've never worked out a skirt but I
gotta say now that I have this on this
is really super comfy and super cute
like it's so comfortable does my waist
look cinched I honestly think this thick
the band right here definitely does cinch in
the waist especially with the mesh that
kind of flows out the only one thing I'm
noticing and this is like hardly a
negative is the skirt doesn't go as long
as the shorts do
now let's do a few twirl shots
I dizzy so easily to be able to put your
in your pocket that makes a huge
the difference one of the pros of this
skirt too is I feel like you could wear
it is for a workout but you could also just
wear it as a cute going-out skirt
okay we're starting strong okay now the
sports bra the specifications here that
we're going to be judging it on the ease
ability to get into because basically
it's a zipper-up because racerbacks are
like hard to get into the support band
on the bottom, I'm not gonna be a great
judge if a sports bar gives a lot of
support because I have literally no
boobs so I'm sorry to the gifted boob
The community I probably am not a good judge
of those but I'll try my best I'm kind
of bearing all on the internet but I
just want to show you putting these
clasps in it's not like super difficult
but it takes an extra second for the
security I think it's worth it now we're
gonna zip
easy peasy I really do like the wide
scooping the neckline here and I just like
that let's just say this was to happen
no worries like that is the most
The innovative thing about the sports bra I
would say I've never seen that before
and I appreciate it okay just for a
the comparison I decided to put on the
a sports bra that I normally wear and oh
my gosh I really wasn't realizing how
different these where the neckline is way
different there's not really the thick
band on the bottom obviously it's not a
zip up it is the racerback that is
harder to get out of okay so the next
product is this 64-ounce water bottle
now the big thing about this is the cap
is supposed to be aesthetically
beautiful the design beautiful a big
part is this clear straw because you're
supposed to be able to see better when
it's dirty and also a comfortable
carrying handle so I'm just gonna run
downstairs and clean this I didn't
honestly say I have never had a water
bottle of this size and I think Cassie
said she drinks two of these a day I
mean I drink a lot of water, to be honest
I don't really drink anything else but
this is still a lot let's see how long
it takes to fill
so much water
one eternity later okay one thing I do
like is there's
water in here and
take a magical sip
I like the straw I think it's nice that
I will be able to see when this gets
like bacteria and gets gross in here
because let's be honest like who
actually washes their water bottle after
every workout if you do congratulations
I haven't washed mine in three weeks
don't do that
wash your water bottles but 64 ounces of
water no matter the handle that is
legitimately a strain on my wrist I
think if you are a big water intake thin
and you just want it accessible at all
times you don't want to have to go the
tap and refill it then its 64-ounce is
for you oh my goodness I almost forgot
the water bottle came with a carrying
case oh my gosh yes like if you have a
a water bottle that's this heavy you legit
need a carrying case here's what it
looks like up close I like the carrying
case I like the water bottle accessory
what can I say okay we're into the
seriousness now that is the leggings
what we're going to be looking for is
we're going to be doing a squat test to
see if you can see my underwear we're
going to be attempting to try to make a
camel toe happens no pinching on the side
and I'm going to also try to fit the
giant water bottle okay here is the full
body shot of the leggings now wow I
think I should have sized down which is
interesting if you look around my knees
there's a little bit of extra fabric
bunching around my kneecaps now I don't
know maybe my kneecaps just stick out
more than your average kneecap but yeah
I needed to size down the color love it
the fact that there are different inseam
thank you as for the anti-camel toe I
can honestly say from the other boot cut
ones I wear are fabulous so I'm
going to attempt to move around and then
we're going to see if I have an account
I legit feel like I just pulled my groin
I should be careful okay so I just moved
around a whole bunch let's get a
close-up how are we going how are we
doing camel toe I would say no honestly
that's pretty good I'm gonna test it
with the competitor Legging which is the
Airy legging that also has the
crisscross we're gonna test that
I have a camel toe here we go there's
the side by side and this one does have
this seam here
as for the booty sculpting this seam
right here I think it gives the illusion
and the squat let's see
opaque was this the one I
want there are two different sizes and
this was not the one I mean it does fit
fit but like I would literally never
walk into the gym like this hey gonna
get my water intake today
oh my gosh it's definitely stretched out
my pocket the leggings I'm not gonna lie
I understand the hype about these I really
like them, I've actually never had
leggings this comfortable on the top
they really don't pinch love them okay
this piece I'm really excited about this
crunchy here is the little hidden Pocket
how big is it like how much could we fit
in here I have this cord to put in
because I desperately need this cord at
my pickleball game and there's nothing
you can say about it so let's see okay
got it in it's definitely messing with
the shape maybe I wasn't supposed to
bring things in my scrunchie this big
let's see if this cord gets in my way
while I put my hair up I can definitely
feel where the cord is
um okay do you think anybody can tell
that I have a cord in my scrunchie right
now a scrunchie with a pocket it had to
be done and I think Cassie for making it
okay now it just got so serious I
brought the sweatpants out I wear
sweatpants every single day all-day
everywhere I'm loving the gray the thick
waistband I'm interested to see how that
looks and the angled Pockets off with
the leggings onto the sweatpants oh no
I really should check size guides I'm
gonna be clipping it so let's judge the
the angled pocket I mean any illusion of
bootylicious ness sign me up you know
when sweatpants do that like little
pouch here where it looks like you have
like a full diaper, you know that
um so it doesn't do that and then the
the rollover was a big key feature hmm
you know what I don't want to be rude
because these are still great sweatpants
but I almost feel like I can tell Cassie
doesn't like sweatpants she literally
said in the beginning of the short I
don't like sweatpants but I'll make them
because you want them I can like to feel
that she doesn't like them you guys I'm
honestly not a fan of sweatpants because
it doesn't feel like someone who wears
sweatpants designed these I don't know
maybe I have just different sweatpant
ones I mean these are nice but it's not
my favorite sweatpants alrighty next we've
got the yoga mat based on this blog
people really wanted a cushy grippy yoga
mat oh my gosh it almost feels like
suede oh it's vegan suede okay I know
my stuff let's do a little yoga
shall we don't look at my toenails
they're so ugly oh my goodness that
feels so nice on the feet this is so
nice I definitely think it's grippier I
mean it's not it's still a little
slippery hold on let me do the ultimate
test downward dog
how's my form
ER dog wait this is what Chip does
anytime I do any yoga oh look he's doing
it we're both doing it, yeah we're doing
yoga he says he really likes the new
yoga mat he said it's really nice and
soft he loves it next we have Cloud
hoodie so a big part of this hoodie
was saving the feet AKA a zipper pocket
uh there's apparently a cinch in here so
you can make it like a little crop
the moment the batwing sleeves to keep it
really slouchy and it can hold a giant
water bottle if you want so let's try it
on oh these are different grays yeah
okay first things first phone in Pocket
because that's the biggest thing that
we're doing today also a tunnel pocket
so you can hold your own hand I mean
yeah I really do like the slouchy fit I
think that's a really cute style and
I've actually found myself shopping for
that style and not knowing what to look
but now I get it it's like the
exaggerated shoulder okay let's
cinch this in for a crop and then you
can just flip it like that oh my gosh I
love that I love how much you can cinch
yeah I like it we need our giant
water bottle holder on how she made it
look really easy to fit this in there
and it is Cassie is not a liar okay
in case you wanted to you could okay so
now we're gonna try a hat and it also
has embroidered pop Flex on the back
pretty cute pretty basic oh wait for a
minute no it's not basic because it has
this hole is here for your high ponytail
I'm going to put
my hair through that little hole and we
will see if it transforms me okay
um why do I look like this in hats and
people who love a high ponytail they
love the way it looks they want to do it
but they still want to wear a hat I
mean this is a very Innovative product
for them okay there's going to be a lot
to explore in this bag we're gonna get
into it first of all the colors as you
can probably tell this is definitely a
reflective bag
crazy fun check that out that is what
the bag looks like it is under Flash the look
The feel it's correct
one pocket on the front the lining is
cool it looks like a little Galaxy we
have the strap a big pocket on both
okay the water bottle cinch thing got
three-pin slot another one another one
I'm looking for oh and here if you're
working out you want to leave your ring
you can hook it
like that check that out let's get the
yoga mat in here
Okay so we've already got the big water
bottle in there so let's see
oh no this is not going to work not with
the giant water bottle it's one or the
other why am I wearing my hoodie right
now one or the other you gotta go
there is no way this is going in here am
I wrong or in the short did they say you
could put the yoga mat there
I can only assume the yoga mat she's
using in the blog is not the super
thick one this is the most bougie thing
I've ever seen a waterproof shoe
compartment ye

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