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Do People Actually Wear This Stuff

Do People Actually Wear This Stuff

let's get the roots

listen I just recently took on the painstaking task of going through my filming stuff I showed you guys in the last Studio but I don't think I've shown you in this studio but it's basically, a room that's jam-packed full of things that I've bought for my blog so if the zombie apocalypse was to happen I could still make blogs for quite a few months because I've got lots of stock in there it gives me peace of mind like I found quite a few bins from like 2018, when I was buying things, wish I found some crazy wigs from 2019 when I was all into trying crazy wigs crazy heels from when I was on my crazy heel game and I kind of realized that I still

have a lot of items from those times but I don't know if I would do that exact blog so I thought could we take pieces from each and put it into one blog and just make a crazy haul the most extra the most unrealistic the most insane haul of items so if you liked the wish blog if you like the wig blog if you like the crazy high-heel blog stay tuned for this blog so I picked out six random storage room items and as you can see this is going to be a fun-filled blog so let's get into it Cake Shoes okay the first item we're gonna get into these are some shoes that I bought off Etsy is a small business the seller of this was so attentive I actually had to tell a little white lie which actually has been weighing on me so heavily a few weeks after I received these she was like how do you like them do you love them and I was like I love them they turned out perfectly but as you can see they're still in the

box so I kind of lied but I have a really good feeling about it so it was for the common good okay ready oh my gosh it's a cake shoe look at that oh a woman was too stunned to speak this is my new favorite thing is to look at all of that detail I am so obsessed with this type of shoe I've seen it everywhere and like I want to make a pair of these this is everything Also can I just say that this tissue paper is so cute the hoarder in me definitely wants to keep that now you're probably understanding why it is so important for us to go through the blog storage because these were just sitting in there for years is a crime take me to jail that's a question let's try them on all right we're in a

a little bit of a new setup right now where I normally film is like in the the corner you can see probably a little bit of the curtain there this is just over to the side I clean out this corner it's not finished obviously there's gonna be lots of decorations back here but I have seen your guys' comments about saying that full body shots don't work very well in that corner I'm hoping it'll be better for the full body oh my gosh these are so cute okay I haven't walked in heels in a hot minute so let me just like get my bearings oh my goodness here they are on their feet they're so cute like anybody who sees these, I tend to think these would brighten their mood y I really wanted to do mainly chocolate because I'm a chocolate gal I love the chocolate cake chocolate ice cream so I guess I did tell a little bit of a white line because I haven't opened the shoes yet but it turns out that they are amazing so what I said is totally true so it's okay it just took a few yearsDress

okay the next item we have is this I believe came from wishing this was back when I was shopping on which and I know I've seen your comments about the people who are disappointed that I don't do any more with the blog and I'm trying to figure out a way to incorporate some of these wish products I have already bought into a blog for the people who really like those and maybe this is gonna do it this is a wish product I have literally no idea what it is and I didn't want to open it I thought we'd just have the surprise on camera it's light blue it looks like a dress oh my

gosh this is cute when did I buy

I'm sorry this probably seems so

bad that I don't even remember

purchasing this but you have to

understand like I made two blogs a week

back then and I was constantly having to

get things for the blog so it's pretty

easy five years later to not remember

buying this all right here's what it

looks like it's got these thin little

straps at the top this kind of like Silk

looking top chiffon I still don't know

Fabrics a floral applique that in the

professional lingo was that Mia I love

this is blue and the quality is correct

like the stitching looks good let's put

this thing on okay let's jump into this

like old times sake oh my God

oh my cute dress look at this look at

this look at the train moment I feel

like it would look even better if I

steamed it that's what I say in every

blog yet where's the steamer that I

don't have hello I'm sorry to interrupt

but my sticker sheet just launched I

have been working on this for a longer

then I'm willing to admit but I am so

excited to say these are finally

launched they're 6.99 us the website

should convert it into your currency

these are all hand-run pieces of some of

my favorite things we've got the pottery

the cup that I made for the purple turtleneck

that I wear all the time so even if

you're uninterested in purchasing

stickers I would really appreciate.... on his nose just to entice you

further really hope you guys like the

product and my eyes and ears are open to

any critiques you may have and yes I

won't Ramble On we'll get back to the

blog I just had to say that oh my gosh

look at that though I don't know what I

was expecting I guess I just have

naturally over time got a low

the expectation when it comes to

wish prom dresses like I know we've had

a few cute ones but I would say this is

in the top five for sure the quality

looks really really good I think that

you could totally wear this as your prom

dress definitely a grade eight grad

that's for sure I think this dress is a

wild and crazy success like it's got a

the nice pretty train I think it actually

looks even more expensive once I have it

on granted I don't know what the price

I'll try to figure it out I think

it's really nice I like how it's

actually short under here and then it's

got the sheer tool on top let's see how

it spins

it spins in a way that it's tangling

around my feet, like a net, I also think

the neckline is really flattering I

think it's pretty to have this sort of

like Square neckline here with the

really thin straps oh it's pretty this

is a nice dress


my wig trying blog is probably some

of my favorite blog to try I love wigs

so much and you know what I actually

haven't even put on a wig since I cut my

hair so this is gonna be so easy to get

over my little hair because before you

guys remember I had to shove all my hair

into the wig cap and it was a whole

a thing so this is going to be so easy

this wig is from Etsy it was pretty

pricey but you will be able to tell why

because it is literally the most

beautiful wig of life and it matches my

turtleneck I mean take a peek look at

that look at all of that detail the

rhinestones here oh my gosh it's so

beautiful look in the back at these

little pieces in the back they're so

cute and I mean like the colors are just

so beautiful like your pastel unicorn

fantasy in a wig I may never take it off

well well well if it isn't

Mia with a bald cap on

okay let's put it on oh my gosh I'm

feeling ritzy oh who am I I need a drag

Persona I need a drag name oh my gosh

the beautiful thing about wigs is you

can choose how big your forehead is like

hello today I want a two-head I didn't

even plan this by the way the earrings

and the turtleneck and this blue dress

sitting in the back the color story is

fully realized and completely by

accident look at this let me give you

the full turn

and by full turn, I mean 180 because

that's all my neck will do

okay so apparently I was gonna do like

another, my mom, reacts to is Crazy fashion

Nova items but I must never have done it

and I think that's where this came from

all right what do we get oh it's a

two-piece the top actually looks

exciting the sequins are actually not

too Pokey oh wait what look how long the

the sleeve is okay that changed everything

just a mini skirt right there I mean

we'll see what it looks like on oh my

gosh you know what this reminds me of

that Alyssa Edwards dance battle where

she got absolutely annihilated because

of the sleeves I mean the top is like a

little bit ill-fitting I'm like trying

to figure out why it's gapping here and

then I remember it was because I have no

boobage which is fine but it is making

some gapping right here but it's

actually comfortable and flattering and

really cute I think I just have to do a

a little bit of adjusting on the top here

and it's so sparkly I mean just take a

moment to be mesmerized by the Sparkles

and the long-arms Slenderman but make it

glamor I used to be so scared of

Slenderman like it wasn't even funny I

never even saw a photo of him I just

heard about it and I was horrified I

couldn't do anything we used to have

like a sledding hill out back from our

house and I would go out there and I

would like I was convinced Slenderman

lived in that sledding hill anyway

though I give this a 10 out of 10.

Kendall Jenner

now this I bought because I was gonna do

a comparing Kylie and Kendall Jenner

remakes as I did in this one blog but

I couldn't find very many remakes I

could only find two or something so

it's this white off the shoulder

the jumpsuit I'll put a photo I believe it

was Kendall wearing it this was Kendall

Jenner's Met Gala 2018 look and here's

what it looks like it's got all this

ruching at the top one thing I'll say

there is no corset detailing so I

think that's definitely missing look at

the shape of that so yeah right now it

just looks like a white blob let me put

it on and see if we transform into

Kindle is the highest-paid model in the

the world I think I'm not sure if that stat

is true or if I just see that on

Instagram all the time oh my goodness

this would be like the most killer

wedding look like for maybe a more

an unconventional bride who wants to wear

pants okay also the elephant in the room

I am wearing a dark gray thong I thought

I was really doing something by wearing

a thong for my try-on blog because you

no thongs aren't comfortable so I was

really taking one for the team but it's

dark gray so we're like halfway there I

probably should have worn my nude thong

but can we just look past it this is

skin tight like this is really hugging

every single curve also it's showing

maybe a little bit too much I don't know

if it's just the thing every bump every

nook every cranny it's being hugged

these are the heels that I got for 70

cents at the Goodwill bins if you

haven't seen that blog I suggest

checking it out because I got some cute

stuff like look at that 70 cents okay

I'm gonna put these oh yeah that

definitely completes the look it's

actually high low pants I gotta say what

we're all thinking it's a little casual

two seconds later oh my gosh oh my gosh

you know what I'm totally gonna do I'm

gonna dye this green

and then I'm gonna wear it because I

feel like if it's a different color

nobody will know that it's a remake and

if it's a different color then I won't

feel so worried about spilling on it

okay I'm definitely dying this what

color should we dye it


okay so the moment we've all been

waiting for now if I break my leg I am

literally going to be so upset for so

many reasons but

some things are just more important in

lifelike wearing these I know we tried

the really really high pink ones and

those ones were a lot harder to walk in

then these ones I imagine because these

ones are a boot like boots historically

are easier to walk in history what did

you learn in history class I learned

that boot heels are easier to walk

I can't even wear a kitten heel for like

two hours without complaining endlessly

so I really get to live my fantasy in

these blog because like come on that's

crazy that my emotional support sweater is on

wow oh my gosh oh no I'm having



I need you

why were you scared I need help you do

need help because you also need help

because you have straw in your hair

okay oh gosh my

little mom

I'm jealous of your Skechers girl


leave do people wear these are we being

punch right now I'm serving to imagine if

I was this tall that would be so good

and we just went out in public

wow okay people have told me if I keep

my weight in like the ball of my foot

then you don't like you don't want to

support wait hold on hey you're actually

doing it wait a minute I'm serving now

sister that wow

I haven't thought about it too are we at

a parade clowns are on stills and

they're able to walk around like what is

the difference between this okay this is my

last time dealing with the clown

buffoonery clowns are trained and they

have always been in like five to like 40

years of clown training people who think

The clowns aren't working and haven't

worked for their job and aren't talented

or wrong yeah

clouds are hard words

doing awesome

yeah you're doing it

I did it I want you out of those okay I

want you out of those I got it oh my

gosh okay well wasn't that interesting

if you enjoyed the craziness that was

today's blog and all of the crazy

pieces let me know we can basically make

this a series that's called I Went into

my storage room and grabbed random

pieces and made a blog and hopefully it

worked out

did it work out I feel like we found

some cute pieces like the pink sequin

two-piece and the remake of the Kendall

Jenner matte look those are really cute

one thing I really like and hope this

will be a series because all of these

items have already been purchased and

manufactured so I'd really like to put

them to use in some way for

entertainment for the blog because

they literally are already here like I'm

not buying anything new for this blog

these are all things I've purchased in

the past does never get old trying on

crazy high heels and almost breaking

your ankle doesn't get old for me I

could do it every day and I will happily

if you want to see it anyways though I

really hope you guys enjoyed watching

this blog if you did make sure to give

it a like And subscribe down below and

click the Bell to be notified every time

I upload and I will see you guys in the

next one bye


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