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hey it's a welcome back to my channel for today's video I decided to buy a whole bunch of makeup again and not just any kind of makeup Lisa's makeup these are products that she's shared with the public maybe me I bought it okay before we get  to all that I just showered didn't do my hair yet it's frizzy um about my recent video I kind of want to take it out I guess I was in the moment and I just felt like I needed an outlet but then now I'm kind of like oh hey like however I think I'm gonna keep it up because a lot of you guys are able to relate to it and I know I was in a very emotional state so thanks for letting me be vulnerable and sharing with you the process of me figuring things out well even if it helps one person out

there  it's enough for me to feel okay kind of like talking to a friend sometimes you share too much and then when they leave you're like maybe I shouldn't have
settled but regardless I'm doing okay I'm sorting things out and I'm feeling
better so thanks for just hearing me out and relating I'm not alone and that it was good anyway okay okay so girl let me tell you $350 total what's shipping uh these tax regret that's the total price I'm gonna be so much food it's not it's not we're not gonna be cheap so a lot of these products I found online which you can see right here I'm just good I'm gonna wear this forever so first product we have here is the toothpaste hangover replenishing face
primer maybe give us a little bit of that flawless lolly Lisa skin it was for $34 so this better begged her give me what I want it to give me okay sounds like coconut or is that just my
body odor just kidding this timer surprisingly it's pretty liquidy I kind
of like it because I don't like feeling stuffy just gonna allow them more
because we spent like $34 you know I'm a dreamer I don't know where parlor you
know after all this I expect to look like Lisa and I expect to kill this love like Lisa oh my god this Lisa like this because it kind of gives you like a glowy touch just channeling my inner
Lisa feelings I think that's why she
likes it yes you told me a lot of these products are like random what so I got a kind of work as I go so now that our face is worth thirty four dollars I'm gonna apply some foundation that I wear daily primer string boy I'm kind of flaking
but flying the Sun that's a the nice
product is systemic mineralizing skin
finish powder and natural and medium I
don't know open this found it figured it
out this is $36 so I better do its job or else I literally just touched it and so much product is on my brush that's thirty-six dollars man that's some quality I'm just gonna lightly powder my t-zone under my eyes I guess over my eyes I guess a little bit my chin not too much because I'm breaking out there and it's amplifies this primers not too bad oh my god are you telling me that this is what money feels like washdown okay okay now that we have baby skin or like love Lisa don't look like her yet don't get it we're gonna take the Lucas pop-up
ointment and apply some on our lips because we dry we're dry all places but we cannot let our lips be dry although I already have some chapstick oh but my
chapstick was not $1.95 you bet I'm gonna lobby this remit on so we're just gonna have some oily lips right now being Lisa is very hard we need to be ready to kiss well it's when
we go on stage you know Inkigayo give the bank we just need to manifest that attitude
I'm sure Lisa don't act like the time
for the eyes we have three pallets here obviously if it is just ball one being Lisa for the day is worth the risk I bought three just prop shion's we like our options keeping our options open and that's on period but again the first power we have is in this little baggie
coz we're special this is from Tom Ford Espenson okay so they give us a bag to
congratulate us for spending money like Lisa for the day oh I dropped a pair of skins holding up play this is the iconic quad by Tom Ford do you hear that it's saying you stupid

how do you open this I have money I know so it comes with these peasant brushes which we don't use that Tom floor you listen up no one usesthose because Lisa money just kidding I won't be using these we don't know whatneeds that we're using the brushes Iforget if this  isthe actual color quad that Lisa has but I remember just choosing the color quad that I'm gonna want to use on a daily basis um becauseyou know this palettes $88 you know so if I got somethin $88 Lisa you better pick out colors on my use everyday so this is number four in suspicion because we saw carefully use these brushes delegate here's the other one we have options girl keep your options open we have the applicators and then we have a blending brush and then we have a defining smudging tool like we out here
Kings boiled okay so um my under eyes are patching up I don't know if you can tell
because the lighting is just amazing in here wait that's that's just my fault I didn't put primer there so because like we spent $88 we're just gonna use this as a claw a Tom Ford glove and carefully hold a palette like this because we paid $88 like come on you
don't just spend money not to use your money the first thing we're gonna do is
use this brush this color I think okay look at that pigmentation you kidding me I'm just gonna swipe this don't see it so we're just gonna swipe more come on $88 come through
show me that monetary value man baby we try harder come through sponge brush
that looked like some basic gas I show now taking the fluffy side not taking
the blending brush buff it so we're just gonna blend that all over the lid and
now that it looks like there's no difference I'm just gonna take the other brush I'm just gonna take this $22 eyeshadow because 22 times spores she can math we don't need math when it comes to being Lisa okay okay I can't hold this brush comfortably okay jello
definition now she said hello I'm making it deeper because we need to make sure
people know that we're wing and I shot a pallet that Lisa uses with that being
said we're gonna take our blending brush we're just gonna buff that out like doo-doo-doo it's kind of kill give me $88 to do an eye for you just one heart now that we have quite the look going on for us you bet I can't take myself seriously I'm so I'm sorry for being a sass dude this quality now I know I Lisa buys these kind of things now the Tom for pellets done we're gonna go in for the massage ooh this is the nude dude palette by the balm and no
biggie it's only $36 fine and then Lisa also uses the anastasiya Modern Renaissance palette this was for $42 I don't know why I had to buy three pallets honestly I mean the new dude I
 kinda like in spirit everyday you can't really tell that I'm Lisa that under disguise kind of day and then the modern Renaissance this one has a little bit more attitude for days that we want to be forever young you go for it it's fine did I actually really need all three no
did I actually really need all three no but it's fine it's fine Lisa has it so we have it that makes us like best friends you know what I mean we needed it it's a step towards our friendship it was a friendship test and I got it that goes my lunch for the week since we came this
my lunch for the week since we came this far the least I could do is watch the
far the least I could do is watch the colors right nope just take a good look

honestly I probably just wear these colors it's fine okay lisa has a week we should have I'm gonna quickly finish my makeup aka put on waterproof mascara because I want to cry but it's fine I'll be back I don't know why my eyelashes especially this side is deciding to give
me a big you know like you today just ignore I had an idea I had an idea guys

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