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5 HOT Fashion Products You Will LOVE

5 HOT Fashion Products You Will LOVE
Hi ladies, it's Erin, and welcome back to my channel. Through my channel, my goal is to help you look like the very best version of yourself each and every day.
I also strive to save you time and money.I know many of you are on tight budgets. I know that because you tell me. You write to me, you tell me about that. So, I really thought it would be funto do this video where I featurefive really popular fashion products. All of them are incredibly affordable, and all of them I have bought, and I have tested and I can show them to you. So, I'm excited to share them with you. It's five of 'em, but there's a bonus at the end as always. You guys are gonna love 'em. This is a really exciting video. I'm gonna do something a little differently. Instead of having graphics, you know throughout the video with like one, two, three, four, five, I'm gonna put time codes below in the description box
so if you want, just go into the box below and you can click on the time code that will go to, like product number one, product number two, product number three.
So if you come back to it and you were like what is that again? That's the quick easy way to kind of scan through and figure out where you wanna go in the video.
Shall we get started? Let's start out with a bikini. It's not, you know, our favorite thing to shop for, certainly not my favorite thing to shop for, but I did find this bikini
I didn't discover it, it's been all over the place. And that's why I decided to order it to test it out, because it has been so incredibly popular. So I wanted to see like does this live up to the hype? First of all, let's not bury the lede. This suit is $25, two five, okay? That's obscenely affordable, I can tell you that I was very worried about the quality, given the fact that it is $25, the quality is great.
I'll get more into that in a minute. So this suit, it comes in a bunch
of different color combinations, it comes in black, it comes in white, it comes in stripes with pink pom-poms, it comes in pink and yellow and all these other colors. I bought the black, the white, and the stripe with the pink pom-poms, so those are the three that I bought. So I liked it so much that I bought it in three different colors. I also ordered the original of this suit, which is a Tularosa bikini, that you can buy on Revolve clothing. I'll put a link to the original below.
But I sent the original back because the original didn't fit well for me. And I also feel like the dupe is actually better quality than the original, which almost never happens.
The thing to consider though,
is does run very small,
so I ordered a medium bottom and a medium top.
For sure you'll want to size up at least one full size.
So I normally would wear a small, and I got the medium.
So if you're normally medium, then I would get large.
If you guys try this and you love it,
definitely send me a picture,
I would love to see you all in this swimsuit.
And I won't post it without your permission. (laughs)
So don't worry, it's
Before I move on to the next category,
I just want to mention there is another bikini
that a lot of people are featuring on Instagram
and so I decided to order that one as well.
It also comes in a bunch of different color combinations.
It's this ruffle off-the-shoulder bikini top,
with a high-waisted high rise bottom,
and every combination it's not a matching suit.
So it's a print with a solid.
So in this case you've got a red ruffle top
with a black and white polka dotted high-waisted bottom,
but I also got a black ruffle top
with a palm print black and white bottom.
So you can order a couple and mix and match.
What's really great about this suit
is that it does offer you more coverage,
and then also the top offers you some options
so you can use the straps,
you could not use the straps,
the straps are adjustable by the way.
You can use the ruffle all the way
on the top of your shoulders,
you could do it on the side of your shoulders,
or you can take it out of your arm altogether,
if you don't want to get the tan lines on your arms,
and you can actually just let it hang on your side.
So it's a really cute suit as well
and I wanted to mention that.
That one runs true to size,
maybe even a little large,
so I ordered smalls in that suit.
The next popular piece I want to highlight
I've actually talked about before.
But you may not remember and it's been a while,
so I thought it was definitely one of those things
that was worth repeating, and that's this basket bag.
This is a very wonderful dupe
of a Cult Gaia bag that's very popular and hot on Instagram,
and this is the traditional silhouette.
Cult Gaia brand has come out
with different versions and iterations of this,
and there are also corresponding dupes  .
So depending on what you want,
if you want the original,
if you want something that's a bit more current,
you can go with something more current.
But this one is still a great option,
it's decently made, I mean I've seen the originals
and felt the originals,
and I don't feel this is too far off from the original.
And it's also you know about a fifth of the price,
so that's great, that's always a bonus.
So I will put a link to this one below, this basket bag.
I would order from the exact person I ordered it from.
  a lot of people offer the same products,
but you're not always gonna get the same quality
or the same thing.
Because I've ordered all of these
and tested them, make sure that you order
through the links that I put below,
because those are the brands that I actually ordered from,
just because I don't want you guys
to order the wrong one and then be disappointed.
Okay the next piece I wanna highlight
is a swim cover-up that is a kimono
pull-over swim cover-up with pom-poms.
This one comes in like ten colors,
it's so chic and easy and lovely,
and lightweight, and flattering, and I really love it.
I bought it in both black and bright royal blue,
just to mix things up with the bright color.
You can't beat the price, for one,
the fit is so lovely and flattering.
It is again that lightweight fabric
that's gonna dry quickly and easily on the beach
when you get it wet and it's very chic.
It's really chic and fun,
the pom-poms is a nice little extra detail,
but it's not over the top pom-pom,
we're not going full blown pom-pom.
It's still sophisticated,
it still feels very elegant and chic.
So I would highly recommend these.
The next product I wanna talk about are some workout pants.
The gal that works with me, Caitlyns
told me that these were comparable to Lululemon,
I was like no, that's not possible.
But they are, like, legit comparable.
I don't know like how they do it,
but they're really lovely leggings.
And they come in both capri length,
you know coming just under the knee, and also a full length.
What I love about these leggings, besides the price,
is that they're high rise, they're thick enough
so that they're covering everything,
but not too thick, they're lightweight still,
and then also they have that really cool side pocket
for your phone which I love,
so if you wanna run with your podcast
or run with your music, you can have it there
and not have to worry about wearing like an arm band
or a belt or anything to carry your phone,
which is really terrific, I love that aspect,
and they come in a bunch of colors,
it's   so you can get it
in a couple days if you're a member,
and again you can't beat the price.
So I would definitely highly recommend these workout pants,
you guys are gonna love 'em.
The next piece is a maxi t-shirt dress.
So if you guys have been viewers long enough,
you know, like, I love a t-shirt dress,
I love a tank dress, I love anything
that's just one and done, effortless,
mom on the go, you know,
you could wear like all spring and summer
that's cute and stylish but easy and effortless,
so that's what this dress is.
It's a maxi, it's easy breezy,
it's casual but it feels elevated, it's really cool.
This one runs large, so I have the small here
and even that's a bit roomy, a bit baggy,
I probably could have sized down on it.
It comes in a bunch of colors, it is a V neck front.
In the back, there's a strap across the top
but you can also wear the back in the front
and that's a really cool look too.
If you feel like it's too big and billowy
and it's getting in your way,
you can always knot the bottom of the dress
just to take up some of that fabric.
You can also play around with belting it.
Or just adding a short crop jacket over it,
like a jean jacket or some sort of jacket
that will add some waist definition for you.
But this dress is awesome, I really love it.
And as promised, your bonus popular product  
is a pair of pajamas.
Not just any pair of pajamas.
They are an exact dupe of a pair by Soma Intimates.
I can't tell them apart.
So I bought this really pretty bright blue color
because I already have pale pink in Soma.
I wanted to try out like just a bright color,
have something different, and I also have this set in navy.
So I was like I don't want the navy,
I don't want the pink, I already have those.
So this was something that was different.
And the fabric is incredibly soft,
it feels super high quality.
And it's very flattering, it's comfortable,
it doesn't feel too tight anywhere,
it's definitely what you want for your pajamas,
and especially if you run hot
and you don't want to wear pants,
and you don't want to wear anything long,
this is a great option,
it's just this cute little short shirt set.
I love, I just love it.
I will put links to everything below,
remember what I said, don't deviate,
don't like jump over and buy it from another vendor.
Stay with the vendors that I ordered from
that we've already got examples of quality from.
You don't want to experiment here.
But these are the ones that you're seeing all over Instagram
and I ordered them because I was like really?
You know, I need to see this for myself.
I'm here to tell you, yup, it's legit.
They're awesome, they're the real deal,
and I can definitely get behind them.
So anyway, let me know
if you guys have any questions at all,
I'll put sizing information below as well.
If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet,
and you liked this video and you want to see more like it
I hope you will hit that subscribe button.
You guys, don't forget about my email newsletter.
When you subscribe to my newsletter,
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So be sure to subscribe and I will put a link to that below.
Thank you guys so much for watching,
and I'll see you next time.

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