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19 Products for $2 or less

19 Products for $2 or less
Is bigger always better?
When the thing comes to balloons, I think I will have to agree.
Celebrate your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah and your aunt’s third wedding in style with
these oversized rubber bag filled with air or gas to add volume to it.
There are several different colors, and the seller sends them at random.
For whatever reason, airport security is not allowing liquids and creams in big packages.
For those of us who frequently travel, or travel at all, here is a reusable silicone
travel container for all your portable beauty needs.
Fun fact, according to the State Department’s data of 2016, only 36% of US citizens have
passports, so this might not be such a popular item for the other 64%.
A big selling point for the new iPhone is a wireless charger.
Whoop-tea-doo, such innovation…
My toothbrush has been able to do this for about 5 years now.
But in order for you to use a wireless charger, you don’t need to have a $1500 phone.
QI compatible phones will work with it no problem, for others you will need to buy a
wireless charging insert, which I will also link in the description.
The last time we included these orbeez balls to the $1 or less product list you guys went
crazy over them.
But those were just regular orbeez balls, this time here are the giant ones.
Because, as we have already established, the bigger they are - the better it is.
For those who don’t know, these are hydro balls, that will grow in size if you leave
them in water.
And that’s about what they do.
For the people that like to shuffle things around with their hands, and prefer style
over mainstream fidget cubes and imbecilic fidget spinners, here is a gear fidget keychain.
The gears do shift.
Fun fact, up until September 2016 in Russia you weren’t able to receive a full driver
license if you took your driving exam in a car with an automatic transmission.
Since not all cars - just the fancy ones - have special pockets for the glasses.
For the avid travellers, here is the device that will hold your glasses.
One end goes on to the sun visor in the car, the clip is for the sunglasses themselves.
Because I know how much it sucks to sit on your expensive glasses and crush them.
This clip is some next level 007 type of stuff.
Electric toothbrushes don’t have be as expensive as we usually see them sell for.
I am always conflicted to follow the recommendations of dentists, because they are the ones who
make money from bad teeth, but they all seem to recommend electric brushes over the manual
So at this price, you may as well try one out for yourself.
Burning Man is over, but if you start ordering stuff for the next one right now, things should
start arriving before the next one begins…
I used to sell these lamps locally, and a ton of people would buy them at the beginning
of summer for festivals.
These bicycle spokes lamps are motion- and light-sensitive, so they only work when it’s
dark and only when the bike is moving.
For the laptop users, USB ports are a valuable real estate.
That’s why a USB hub might be a good item to have, as it will double, or even triple
the charging or usage capacity.
Each port has an individual switch so you can turn them on and off without unplugging
It is a USB 2.0 protocol, but given the price this is sort of expected.
And before we present the last 3 products, here are the giveaway details.
3 Random winners will be announced on the first Wednesday of November.
A cheap backup wireless mouse like this will
not set you back too much financially.
It comes with a Bluetooth USB receiver insert, so the only thing you will need is the batteries
for the mouse - it takes 2 AAA batteries.
For the avid gamers, it even has a DPI mode - how fancy, isn’t it!
DPI stands for dots per inch, which is generally how the sensitivity of the mouse is measured.
This beast costs less than $3, and it has been purchased over 7600 times.
And the last but not the least, here is quite possible the most futuristic-looking mount
that I have ever seen.
It can work with both smartphones and tablets, as the sizing is adjustable.
Currently priced at a modest price of $2.99, it has been purchased over 1500 times!
It comes in black or white color.
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s list.

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