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There is a whole bunch of different things that you can buy

There is a whole bunch of different things that you can buy
There is a whole bunch of different things that you can buy from China.
So, get ready, because this one will be one to remember.
All product links will be in the description.
Human hamster balls (AKA Zorb balls) have been around for a while, but gained their
popularity fairly recently, presumably because of the Zorb-ball (or should I say zorb-ball-ball?)
The first step of trying it might involve you slathering some margarine on your round
hips after the series of McMansions this summer.
It will make you ricochet like an 8-ball while flying several feet in an uncertain direction.
Friends, you haven't experienced Newton's Third Law of Motion until your Human Hamster
Ball collides with a semi heading the opposite way.
Owning this thing would be funnier than half the stand up comics I've seen in my lifetime.
There are two kinds, one that you can wear, that people play contact sports, like a version
of soccer in, and the one that you can sit inside of.
Both are equally entertaining.
If you always wanted to become a spaceman, but the training seemed too intense, here
is your second chance.
This blob thing looks like absolute blast and you can totally skip the gym day when
you are planning on using it.
It is an inflatable thing that you can launch or be launched with.
The Guinness World record on the height of the jump is 17 Metres, which is approximately
56 feet, or equivalent to a 4-storey building, which I think is absolutely mental.
We have a water park here about an hour and a half away from where I live that has one
of those, that I now really want to try next summer.
Jumping stilts, or as they are also sometimes called hoppers, skyrunners, powerbockers,
powerisers, or power-skippers, are bionic leg attachments with a strong spring that
will help you jump like a kangaroo.
Using only their weight, and few movements, the user is generally able to jump 5 ft (1.5
metres) off the ground, and run up to 30 km/hr.
They also give the ability to take up to 9-foot (2.7 metres) strides.
I own a pair of these, which I got a few years ago.
It took me about 30 minutes to an hour to become more-less confident, so I could walk
unassisted; but I’ve seen some people get up on them and walk right away.
There are kids’ and adult models; and some sub-models, the differences are very minor
(plastic straps instead of velcro patches, etc.).
But they all go down to one main difference: the user weight.
They are a little heavy, at about 2.5 kilograms each, but once you play with them for a week
or two the weight becomes less and less noticeable.
They sure attract a lot of attention.
The way they need to be bought is according to the user weight, in approximately 10 kg
increments, and the more experienced you get, the higher tension spring you need.
Everyone knows Sea-doo’s, but what if you really want to ride something below the water
An underwater scooter, or diver propulsion vehicle (or DPV) can make your dives a little
bit easier – and more exciting – by gently propelling you through the water.
Sea scooters are becoming more popular with the diving enthusiasts who want the excitement
of extra propulsion moving them along.The higher-end ones from big manufacturers cost
an upwards of $1,000, and an entry-level introductory one can be bought off 
than $200.
it is a propeller that you can use to ride under water as deep as 30 meters (equivalent
to a size of a 9-story residential building).
The motor is 300W, and it runs off a battery, which lasts 1 to 1.5 hours (it is unclear
as both are stated in the description).
The entire device weighs around 8.4 kg with the battery, and the power to weight ratio
is 1:1.
This underwater scooter can go as fast as 3 mph (4.8 kph) – a fast walking pace, which
is pretty fast when you consider this is under water, against the water pressure.
The only time it is socially acceptable to make a duck face without having pieces of
bread being thrown at you is in front of a giant duck.
So if you are still stuck in the 2012 and have an obsession for taking pictures of yourself,
which apparently is a medical condition, here is your chance to justify your actions.
In 2012 the province of Ontario has thrown $120,000 of taxpayers’ money towards the
purchase of a giant inflatable rubber duckling, which was taken on a tour dedicated to the
province’s 150th birthday.
And while it is unclear what is the exact relationship between the ducks and Ontario,
$400, and the amazing thing is that it has been purchased before by someone in Spain.
If 3 meters is not big enough, there also is an 8-meter version, which I will link in
the description.
Some people, especially the ones that happen to be the only kid in the family, sometimes
have troubles sharing stuff.
Did you ever want an entire playground to yourself?
Well, now you can have one!
I was fortunate enough to grow up It has enough accessories, including a carry bag, instructions,
blower, and a patch kit.
Release your inner child, but it might be a good idea to check the weight capacity first.
The measly tiny ones on Amazon cost $400, but here for $750 you can get an entire castle
with a ball pit and everything.
You are never too old to have fun.
In addition to bouncy castles, there is a ton of other very necessary stuff like slides,
pools, wacky arm flailing inflatable tube men, and things alike.
Another thing I was pretty surprised to see is musical instruments.
And I am not sure why - it seems like a completely normal thing to buy online.
There are acoustic and electric versions, and interestingly enough the feedback, apart
from a few high-expectation individuals, is quite decent.
day sale I almost bought one, but I clicked away at the last moment because I realized
it will be yet another thing that I will never get to use, and it will end up serving as
a very pretty expensive door stopper.
But nonetheless, if you want to pick up a new hobby, you can totally get an entry-level
violin, or another musical instrument without looking to far away.
Nothing on two wheels draws looks like a fat bike!
They are truly compelling.
With their oversized tires and impressive traction, these bicycles can ride virtually
And they look incredible.
Who would’ve thought that these clumsy machines that look better suited to riding across the
Arctic or the moon, than your local trail centre, could be here to stay?
Well they really are, and now they even have their own racing scene, are getting more and
more popular for riders of a more extrovert nature, all looking to have a bit more than
a regular trail machine.
Fat bikes are no longer the hot button topic that they were back in 2014, but as the discussion
and controversy has died down to a low simmer, fat bikes have quietly cemented a position
in the lineups of almost every major bike brand.
If you’ve done any shopping around, or read any reviews, you might have noticed one thing:
fat bikes are usually pretty expensive - the frames are atypical, and as such they need
to be custom made in low quantities.
I guess, someone forgot to tell that to this seller, as these ones go between 150 and 250.
If your goals include being mistaken for a minor internet celebrity, a this thing might
be right up your alley.
YouTube personality and entrepreneur Casey Neistat made it his main form of transportation
around the city.
If you watch his vlogs, then you’re all too familiar with the Boosted Board.
I really like the fact that more and more people switch to the electric means of getting
The more expensive models which are around $1500 can reach speeds of 35 km/hr, while
this $500 one is reported to do 33.
This is a dream come true for people who want to seem like they are into sports without
putting in a great deal of effort.
From the outside, it may look like a regular longboard, but if you look closely, there
is a small electric motor and a battery on the bottom.
They come with remote controls to speed up and stop them.
But this
is not all for the interesting transportation devices.
For those of us looking for something spicier than a boosted board, here is nothing less
than a tractor, and ultimate SUV.
Step up your gardening game with this 150 horsepower monster.
There also are versions for 10, 12, 15 and 130 horsepower models, as well as lawnmowers,
which your mom might need to prepare for the bikini season.
The store will be linked in the description, there are quite a few interesting things there
which you just can’t miss.
The link to the store should be popping up just about now.
This inflatable house is an introvert's dream.
It is as close you can be to staying outside while keeping the basic comfort elements.
Having one as a permanent room would be amazing, but I would probably prefer to have it as
a temporary getaway in a summerhouse or in the backyard.
Judging by the purchase history, these things are quite popular in Saudi Arabia, and there
also are hotels that have these.
I can only imagine how awesome it would be to sit inside one of these in the rain.
This is hands down the most luxury tent that I have ever seen.
The air pump is included with the purchase, and it needs to be always running to

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