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I'm going to be showing you guys a Hollywood
makeup mirror but I know I've shown you guys two of them already one was a medium size one was an extra large size and now this one is going to be a smaller size but it's not just any type of vanity mirror that I've shown you guys as it comes with extra stuff too as you can see it's by the brand been Chillin been Chillin I hope I'm saying it right with this small cat in front of the vanity I thought that was really
I'm still gonna use it but this one will just be more convenient for me since it's smaller and I can just look at it up closely and it's super affordable especially if you're on a budget or if you're looking for a birthday gift Mother's Day is coming up and just a gift in general for anyone with that being said let's get started with this review and unboxing with this Hollywood vanity makeup mirror but I am going to be using my little
using this and I think I'm just gonna back up a little bit yeah let me back up because I know I'm like extra close okay so once you open this will look
like this inside it is upside down it is packaged really well which I really like because sometimes and yours can come broken then you have to return it they get a new one
and it's just a hassle sometimes so yeah take care of the customers and make sure that somebody does not come broken once you open it it looks like this it does come with the magnifying mirror and it looks purple or Lilac a little bit but I honestly don't care because it feels like it's good quality it doesn't feel too cheap or anything so yeah that's the little magnifying mirror the cord is pretty long yeah this is gonna be good and this is how the adapter looks this Mirror Has a Bluetooth speaker attached to it and you can see from the back too has the speaker this is how the mirror is looking when it's plugged in and it does have a USBC port instead of like a regular um Android looking Port you know what I mean or just a regular USB port I don't know this is how the back of it looks and I'm assuming this is only for the
Bluetooth part which is right here we're just gonna turn it on and this is the button right here this one right one right here oh you guys see how pretty that turns on it's like like a type of turn you know what I mean it's not like a in his own so yeah let's see how this one is okay okay this is the cool this is the way wait okay that's the turn off okay so this is the turn on this is the in-between this is the yellow and this is the cool then you turn it off and this is how you turn it on the in-between setting the warm setting and the cool setting and if you want to make it bright it looks like that when you want to make it low it looks like that I just turned my bigger vanity mirror off to show you guys how bright this is so if you want to have it brighter just hold it and it goes up
this is bright if you want to have a dimmer just hold it and it'll go dimmer the second time if you want to have it in the middle do that if you want to change the color you can have it like that or this cool color have it really low are really bright
then you could turn it off like that now we're going to test out the wireless
charging this is for iPhones and
Androids if you have a Samsung or a
regular Android phone your phone should
be able to charge but I know for a fact
with the latest iPhones, you can Wireless
charge them I'm just gonna see how it
so we just put it
through here
oh my gosh it's charging
oh this is so
cool this is how it looks while it's
charging I am going to wait for about five
minutes just to see how far it charged
so let's see how it is right now
let me check really quick my phone is at
40 so we're gonna see how far it charges
so I'm gonna wait until
7 51 to see how it goes it is 7 52 now
and we're gonna see
how much is this charge 43 honestly that's
not really bad it could have stayed at
40. so the charging is pretty decent on
this but now we're gonna test the
The Bluetooth part which is my favorite
because I never had a Bluetooth mirror
before definitely never had a Wireless
Charger mirror I was looking forward to
the Bluetooth part anyway but a few
things I want to say about this mirror
is that it comes in white and black it comes
in a bigger size which I believe is the
medium size which has 12 bulbs so you
get the wireless charging and the
Bluetooth with the fan Chillin branded
mirror I'm gonna stick this on here just
just to see how it works
do not fall
hello on the back of this, this is where
you turn it off and on with the mirror
like literally so
it'll turn off like that then it'll turn
on like that so this is the part where
you want to turn on the Bluetooth
I should have read the directions maybe
I'll hold it
power it off oh shoot oh my gosh
yeah this just scared me, okay she talks
I like that oh oh my gosh this is so

this is insane this is like new
technology for sure like a massive upgrade
to vanity mirrors as I wonder back in
the 1940s how would they feel about this
because that's when they started getting
real popular back then huh like in the
The 1920s or something like the first OG
vanity mirrors like with the huge balls
that would be super bright to where
like it'll get really hot and now we're
here in the 2020s era or whatever and
these bulbs do not get hot whatsoever I
do not get hot while I do my makeup now
or do anything in this mirror like the
first mirror or vanity mirror well it
was a vanity mirror but it was like
pretty old and the bulbs would get so
hot to the point I'll get a headache
every time I'll do my makeup
every time and it was like so bad I
dealt with it for like a year or two but
not no more because I got this one and I
have this one
I am completely obsessed right now tell
me why I'm on Instagram and I just
realized that you can do this with the
well with your phone it doesn't charge
like this but I just had an idea that
this mirror would be perfect it could
take some cute pictures with this mirror
while it's holding up your phone
I really love how I can just scoop this
close to my face and on the bottom of it
it has this black part so it's not going
to scratch your desk or anything like
that you can just easily scoot up or
scoot back because it has that really
soft part underneath it this is the
mirror it can't move
like this let's see how far it can go oh
okay it can turn all the way
oh yeah I can do all of that but let me
not I'll just have it the way it is this
the part right here to hold your phone it is
screwed in so you don't have to worry
about it breaking off I honestly
wouldn't have this on here because I
feel like it'll just be too much but
this is perfect just to throw in your
bags traveling on the go in your car or
whatever or just use this only to tweeze
your eyebrows and just put it back in
your desk or vanity the mirror came with
a cleaning cloth so I think I'll just
let you guys go and just have this
vanity mirror linked down below for you
guys including this review for that
vanity mirror and the other on the
medium-sized one
that I did before but this one is the
latest besides this one now but this one
is the latest and this mirror is only
fifty dollars

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