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products from the Middle Kingdom.

products from the Middle Kingdom.
There is a famous saying, that goes “God created the Universe, everything else was
products from the Middle Kingdom.
Money makes the world go around. For the majority of the people in this world, the money is
the main motivator, and the reason we still go to work most days of the week. Have you
ever wondered what it would be like to be able to print your own money? Well, this amazing
device might be able to shed the light on this highly secretive process. Just be aware,
that when the banks do it, it is called “increasing money supply”, and when someone else tries
it, it is called fraud.
Let’s get a little more ridiculous, and think about our pets. From an ethical standpoint,
owning and selling a living creature is akin to slavery. We keep them in our homes until
they learn to love us. But the lyrical digression aside, if you own a pet, why not make their
lives a little happier with this hammock? Lounging on it should help them, at least
temporarily, relax from the tedious job which is loving you unconditionally, as long as
you regularly feed them.
These magnetic shoelace tying assistants may solve a problem you didn’t know existed,
but once you’ve tried it, you may never want to go back. With this product, tying
shoes will become a thing of the past. You simply lace them into your regular shoelaces
which allows you to “tie” your shoes with a simple magnetic snap. The product works
by keeping the upper three shoelaces on their respective sides, and then each side snaps
together via magnets. These things can be used with most shoes that require shoelaces.
Unfortunately, they are reported to be not strong enough for jogging or other physical
activities, but in case you are using them for active sports, there is an alternative
in the form of rubber laces, which I will link in the description.
After the food runs out, a true computer use should be able to feed themselves for at least
a week with the food pieces that are stuck inside the keyboard. If you want to deprive
yourself of the valuable supply, you might want to use this lovely keyboard cleaning
gel thingy. It will gently massage your computer keys, giving it the therapy it needs with
the soothing cooling touch. It can also be used after you touch your console controllers
with your greasy pizza hands, since we both know how you typically spend your weekends.
For the times when you have to work on outside, and the trackpad on your laptop does not work
great or you want to enhance the quality of your presentations with a laser pointer, here
is a device for you. I imagine that it will probably be interesting to a very narrow audience,
but for those who do like it, should really find it useful. So if that applies to you,
you are very welcome. There are cheap and expensive varieties in the description link
Back in my raver days, light shows were quite popular. Some kids were way into them, and
some would practice them daily. But the light gloves were hard to come across, and we had
to improvise to make them. Right now these gloves can be bought pre-assembled, although
it looks like the lasers are much stronger and should only be used from the distance.
They do look much cooler than they did before though.
Another fun thing that could be interesting for the festival enthusiasts, is these light-up
glasses. Put them on, flick the switch, and dance your night away. And no, unfortunately,
they do not give you night vision.
Here we have a very unusual stress ball. It should help you keep the bus seats next to
you all to yourself. Just imagine using it with the straight face during the morning
commute. Don’t break the eye contact. Stare them down good. Let them know who is the baddest
of the baddest here. And if you want to see more anti-stress toys from AliExpress, the
For those of us who are old enough to drive, and not rich enough to afford a BMW 3 or 6
series, a head-up display alternative can be purchased for around $30. This device can
project speed, RPM, time, and a few other things onto the windshield. For more information,
check out the product listing, the link is in the description.
And if you want to add more magic to your life, here is a floating platform. It can
be used for various Do-It-Yourself projects, or as a standalone device. The weight capacity
is said to be 13 oz, which is approximately 370 grams in the freedom-lacking units. Some
common items that it should be able to handle is a box of cereal, a small juice-box, 1.5
rolls of US nickels, 300 paper clips, a can of Campbell''s Condensed Tomato Soup, ⅗
of a basketball, ½ of a Syrian AKA golden hamster, and 1/10 of an average cat.

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