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9 Things For $8 Or Less

9 Things For $8 Or Less
Today we are going to witness something marvellous, close to a scientific breakthrough of a century
And this means that everything is between less than 1 dollar, and no more than 10.99.
So sit tight and give me all the attention you got!
As always, all product links are in the description.
We begin our list with these amazing sticky pads, that can help you hold pretty much anything
that weighs up to 1 kilogram, which is 2.2 lbs.
These magic sticky things come in a square or round shape, and are said to stick to any
The can hold your phone, keys, drinks, and self-esteem.
So you stayed out too little too late, and your phone died so you can’t use it to illuminate
the keyhole to avoid missing it and waking up the people you live with?
Is this scenario too specific or too real?
This motion-sensitive light will help you avoid unpleasant situations.
It has a light sensor, so it won’t work when it is bright outside, so when you are
day-drinking, you are on your own, buddy.
If your life is missing magic, how about you add this sloth tea infuser to your repertoire?
It is probably guaranteed - just not by me - to lighten up your morning, if you are a
tea person, or soothe down your evening, when you are taking your sleepy time chamomile
and spearmint tea.
If sloths don’t rock your boat, there are manatees, and a ton of other varieties.
The winter is coming, and unless you live in an evergreen country, which Greenland is
apparently not one of, or if you routinely have cold hands - here is a USB-powered hand
warmer mousepad.
If you do live somewhere where it is always warm, just know that you are very lucky and
I am utmost jealous.
If you want to add an extra zing to your breakfast routine, how about them silicone egg molds?
Silicone rubber is generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments
and temperatures from -55 °C to +300 °C (or -67 to 570 F) while still maintaining
its useful properties.
If the skulls are not your jam, there is a ton of other shapes to pick from.
If you don’t eat fried eggs, these can also be used for pancakes.
If you don’t eat these either, you can use it to shape sand or something.
For those who want to stand out, and when mason jars are not hipster enough anymore,
here is a water bottle that looks like a bulb.
You can fill it with bright-colored liquid and hold it above your head in the moments
of sudden clarity.
These bulbs look pretty cool, and I think more bars should be using them.
By the way, these bottles are made of plastic.
The nature of humans is that we always look for the easiest way of doing something, we
instinctively search for the past of the least resistance.
Look at this phone holder, for example.
It’s going to hold your mobile gadgets like phones and tablets at the appropriate level
for the ease of use so you can use both of your hands for literally anything else.
And I can’t blame the humanity, having two hands and always wasting one on merely holding
the device seems pretty wasteful as far as Homo Sapiens functionality is concerned.
Heat sensitive mugs can be a cool gift.
The idea here is that once you put hot liquid inside one of these cups and once the walls
warm up, the hidden image comes up.
The process, called thermochromism, is the property of certain materials to change their
own color in response to a change in temperature.
Such heat-sensitive paint is used in a variety of things, including mugs, baby bottles, kettles,
car engines and much more.
If you are into minimalism and cool gadgets, and are keen on fixing or even maintaining
your bicycles on your own, here is an adjustable hex wrench.
There are two sizes, the small one can cover nuts sized 7 to 15 mil, and the bigger one
works between 12 and 24.
The feedback on it is decent, however some people note that it doesn’t work as well
with the tight nuts on the biggest sizes.
And if you want yet another reason for the people on the streets to think that you are
an odd fellow, here is a Bluetooth glove.
Yes, a bluetooth glove.
It connects to your phone, and you can use it to answer your calls.
Has science gone too far?
If a glove like that is not your jam, there is another option: a Bluetooth hat, that has

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