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25 amazing wearable, affordable, and stylish things

25 amazing wearable, affordable, and stylish things

Today I'm sharing with you the best fall fashion. 25 amazing wearable, affordable and stylish items. If you're new to this, I do a lot on, so I'd appreciate it if  . But as we go, everything will be linked in the description box below based on the numbers you see on the screen. You can even write down your favorite numbers as you watch, which makes shopping super easy. Well, let's start with what I'm wearing. Yes, it's a shirt and jacket. I know some people get annoyed with this term, but it's versatile and I've found some really good ones. So it's a neutral, softer plaid. I will have dimensions for all the parts listed below.If you don't like my colors, there are plenty of them on almost everything 

color. But back to that, as I mentioned, you can wear it as a jacket, and I usually like to wear it with a simple vest that I've shared many times. I'm going to link this vest below because I swear by it. I have it in many colors and it's affordable. But like I said, you can also wear these as shirts, so you can button them all the way up, it’s just an oversized shirt for fall. Then we have a fall shirt. I just love this. I love them all, but I think this color combo is perfect. You can get it again, tons of color combinations, but this one just screams fall. I feel a little cheeky. I like that it has a very subtle hint of orange, but it's not overwhelming and weird. Here are the bags. It is a soft and comfortable material. I just like it.

 Then comes the third, another plaid shirt, but this one is very similar to the previous one, but in a different color combination. I just wanted to share this with you guys because it's been my longest. I wore these last year too, but this particular color combo is cool because it's grey, brown and cream. So I think it applies to everything. It works great if you want to wear black. It works great if you want to wear it with brown. Neutral, with a hint of color, this is fine. Next we have the classic corduroy shirt, which I have been recommending for the past two or three years. I cannot recommend these enough. I wear mine year round, but I have a feeling most of you will really enjoy wearing them in the fall. So cream shades are my personal favourite. I literally wear it all the time.

 I have winter greens. I have it in purple. I absolutely love it, but I think these two colors are perfect for fall. Well, I also wanted to share what I guess is an updated version of the corduroy shirt. Here's a cropped version, and I love it. I think it's just an updated version for 2022. Some people like the cropped look, some don't. I think both are very stylish. So what's more appealing to you. But surprisingly, I ordered this cream color again. Then we have another version of the corduroy shirt. This time it's color blocks. By the way, this is the last one, but I like this one more than I expected. I ended up styling it as a shirt and tucking it into the side.I have a feeling because it's a color block pattern

This little t-shirt wrinkling technique ended up being great. So if you don't like blue, that's fine. Also, as I keep saying, there are tons of colors to choose from. Well, this is one of my favorite things. This denim jacket. watch it. Oh my gosh I love it. It has an Aztec/Western feel to it. It's not super bright and gaudy, but it's just this subtle cool pattern. There are other patterns but I really like this one, I run small. Again, this is a great addition. They're easy to add to any outfit, and it screams so good. Speaking of denim, let’s talk about the jeans I wear all the time. I wear it all the time and people always ask where they're from. I think they were a little surprised they were actually the same brand.The sizing is weird, I'll tell you later, but they run on the large side

They come in a medium wash and there are so many styles to choose from I want to order more. But in terms of sizing, I usually go for a size zero, two, or 25, but in bigger sizes, from extra small to extra large. So I ordered an extra, extra small one, which worked fine for me. So all you have to do is guess and maybe read some reviews. But I like these jeans. I now associate these Levi's rib cage jeans with the same number and they come in a super light wash. I wear that all the time too. I know I'm going to be asked, but these jeans are great and I highly recommend them. Let's talk about cardigans because we can't fall without cardigans, no no no no no. That's the best. This has been a really good investment for me since I started using this popcorn a few years ago with just a super buttery cardigan f. This was one of the first things I ordered from ,

It's still just a super cozy popcorn material, and it is meant to be a little bit oversized. So I'm wearing a small in both. All right, we've been talking a lot about clothes, which I love, but let's start with a bag because this is such a good crossbody bag. It's such an affordable price. And honestly, it is so handy. It's just so easy to use. I love this tassel that you can just easily grab, and the zipper is so buttery it holds so much. There are different compartments. I love this kind of separate compartment on the front. You can throw in your cell phone or whatever for easy access. It's also adjustable. And I got it in this yellow color that just reminds me of fall,

so I tend to wear this in the fall. I've contemplated getting it maybe in pink or maybe even just a simple, basic neutral. Next, we have this marble shirt. It's actually by Daily Ritual, which is one of private brands. So the quality is just extra good in my opinion. I mean, it just is thick and soft, but it's the pattern for me that just won me over. I love a good marble pattern but I love how this is kind of a subtle, just... I don't even know, orangey-brown tone. It doesn't necessarily have to be fall, but it still reminds me of fall, and it's just a really pretty shirt. And then we have this floral sheer top. It's flowy and it is double-lined by the way, so it's not like you're not gonna be revealing anything, but I just think it looks good on everyone. I think the length of it is great. So if you wanna leave it untucked, it works well. Or if you wanna maybe dress it up with a pair of dress pants, or white denim, or a pair of jeans and dress it down, you can tuck it in, and I think that looks great, too. And I even added a belt, and I thought it kind of gave a slight Western vibe, which I'm kind of digging right now. But yeah, it's just a versatile top, again, that you can dress up or down. (bright music) And then we have hats, which I feel like there's just some unwritten rule that if you're going to wear hats, they look the best in the fall. So all of mine , so I will link the various ones below. Some really popular bestselling ones are very, very affordable, but they really can just add an extra element, an unexpected element to your outfit. Next, I wanna share a few really good fall sweaters, starting with one that I think is very different than what you typically see, and I think it's because of the pattern. I think it looks very chic. I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is. And I just love the pattern, but I also love the collar detail as well. And it's a nice, just thick, soft sweater. And then here we have one that, at first glance, it looks kind of like a typical fall sweater, but I think that some extra details sets it apart. So it is kind of holey. You know what I mean? It's not gonna keep you super warm, you might need to wear a cami underneath it, but I love the sleeves. Look how beautiful the laced sleeves are. I love how it's kind of ruffled around your wrist. I just think all of the details are just beautiful. Now, this one is a classic fall sweater, and I want you just to imagine it in whatever color you think your closet is lacking or missing. So for me, it was a black sweater. I have one already. I'm about to donate it because it's just ratty looking. I feel like it just looks old. This sweater, though, is so nice. The material is just really buttery. If you end up ordering it, I feel like you'll understand what I'm saying. I also like the length of it. Here, in this clip, I just threw on a pair of leggings. I feel like this is such an easy go-to fall outfit. It's just monochromatic. You just wear all of one color and you have an instant, really warm fall outfit. Now, speaking of sweaters, I also wanted to share two different sweater dress options. I will link both under the same number, but I'm gonna start with the one that I most recently got, and I just really like the neckline of this, and I love how you can wear it off the shoulder if you want. I think the length of this is great. I will share the boots with you in a second because wearing some taller boots with the sweater dress is just such a good outfit. And then I also wanna share a sweater dress that I've had for the last two years. And to this day, I think it's probably the best sweater dress I've ever purchased. It's just a different neckline. It's more of a turtleneck, but it's a super thick, just delicious material. So anyway, I will link both. Now let's talk fall boots. They can make or break an outfit, so I wanna share my personal favorites for 2022 starting with these, which are pricey, I'm sorry. They were an investment for me and I just love them. So if you're drawn to them, I recommend them. I know they look a little bit scary with this stiletto heel, but they're not that tall and they're really easy to walk in. And I do just love how they're not suctioned to your calf. They're a little bit chunky and they look great with the sweater dresses, they look great with jeans.
You can just wear this way more than you would expect. And then we have the everyday fall boots. These are my personal favorites. They're by Sam Edelman, I love them so much. I got them in black and also this creamy beige color, but they're so comfortable and they are chunky. However, they are flat, so they're very easy to walk in and comfortable, and they give you some height. Let's go back to another dress because this one is stunning. I love this dress. It's so good. I love the color combo, I love the pattern. The pattern is just great. I think the neckline is nice, and I think the length of the dress is really good, too. It's not too short, it's not too long. it's just, again, very, very comfortable to wear. And I also really like how it slightly cinches your waist and it gives you a nice kind of hourglass shape. Next, I wanna take it back just to some good solid basics, fall basics, starting with this bodysuit. So I did get more of a basic color, but again, lost to choose from, and it is a bodysuit, so it just stays tucked in. I think this would be great underneath some of those fall sockets that I mentioned at the beginning of the. But sometimes, it's just really good to kind of add an extra layer that's a long sleeve that will keep you warmer. Waffle knits are also really good for the fall. They, again, keep you warm. They're kinda like the long johns of fashion. So this one is great. Again, I know, I got a lot of beige and cream colors. The next one's different coming up, but this is, again, something that you can kind of just throw on when you don't know what to wear. It's just an everyday fall basic. Now, as I mentioned a recent , I love living in sweatshirts. I have a really good sweatshirt coming up in a second, but this one is more like a hoodie, which I'm usually not a fan of, but this one I like just because it's like an elevated hoodie. It looks a little bit more stylish, I think, because of the button detail. You can unbutton this, kind of show your shoulder just a little bit, the sleeves are a little bit tighter, and it just gives off a better style. Okay, so here is the sweatshirt that I was talking about. It's a half-zip pullover and I love this so much. I originally got it in gray, which you probably have seen before. I mean, I'm wearing this nonstop. I love throwing it on top of the workout sets that I have. It's just like an instant outfit. It just looks so coordinated. So I love that one so much. I ended up getting it in this creamy beige color, but it's just so nice. I think the half zip is just like this nice little elevated detail, it just makes you look more put-together, and the material is so soft. Next, I wanted to share this PJ set, which I did not need. I mean, I did not need this. However, every once in a while, I'll add a new one to the cart if it's kind of a bestseller and it's getting really good reviews. So I got this one and I like it, and I think it's because of the style. I think it's the neckline. I love it. And I ended up getting it in this pretty burgundy color. So I know I keep talking about the beiges and the creams, but there has been some color throughout this as well. I mean, all of the warm fall colors are beautiful, but anyway, if you need a PJ set, this one is stylish, it's comfortable, and I love that the tops and the bottoms that just come together. Next, we have an oldie, but a goodie. It has to be in this. This is like a teddy Sherpa coat jacket. I don't know what it is. I've had it for maybe two years, maybe three years. It has done me so... This is so good, it is so comfortable and warm. I mean, I choose to wear this over an actual winter coat. So it's great for fall, but it's amazing even leading into winter. The inside is just as comfortable as the outside. I think I did get large in this, so I sized up, but it's still going strong. Everything, it'll be linked down below in the description box according to the number you saw on the screen. But subscribe if you're new, maybe give this a thumbs up and I'll see you in my next one. Bye!

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